Businesses, more than ever, are faced with rapid change, disruption, and intensified expectations. Your managers, emerging leaders, individual contributors, and leaders, many of whom have no business or financial background, need to fully understand the implications of their business decision-making and how they can directly affect your company’s performance metrics and drive for shareholder value.

Technology advances especially data analysis and artificial intelligence can further play an important role for decision making on financial analytics based on machine learning but final decision would be taken by human being. For that such a training module will help to make rational financial decision.

Further Analyses of impact of financial market anomalies and personality traits on financial decision making, so that financial acumen will improve and new methods of financial acumen will develop for the betterment of the individuals and the society.

This study will analyze how individuals processes financial information in their brain and how & what decisions arise within the brain. So that we will able to develop such a training module based on Artificial Intelligence which will minimizes the impact of biases and improves the decision making of an individual, whether investor or advisor or manager.

Keywords: Financial Acumen, Artificial Intelligence, Psychological Biases, Financial Decision, Natural Language Generation.