This paper is about “Learning Assistance through Multimedia, Smart Classes and E-Learning”. In the field of education the latest technology of teaching & learning is now shifted on smart technologies (e.g., smart classes, multimedia, e-learning etc.). The usage of new techniques is now more prevalent in school as well as other colleges and Institutes. Now students are learning in a techno based environment. All these technology make classroom more interactive and interesting by transforming the traditional approach of learning. On our education system these techniques created a greater impact. The involvement of technology in the classroom cannot denied giving positive point to improving the quality of teaching and gives more various techniques. By the use of these technologies our education system process is changing. The new generation of these technologies allows interactive knowledge construction. The global acceptance of these technologies is increased because of rapidly emerging information based society. Government has also started implementing these technologies in government schools too. In pandemic situation these technologies are helping students to achieve their career goals.

Keywords: Multimedia, E-learning, Smart Classes.