The PEP cycle is the essential instrument for proposing major new highlights, for gathering criticism on an issue, and for reporting the design choices that have gone into Python. Outstanding PEPs are remarked and explored by the Python Community. As of March 2017, Python is the fifth most mainstream language. In this paper, an investigation discusses on Python discovered it to be more profitable than traditional dialects for critical thinking including string control and search in a word reference. The social news organizing site Reddit is composed totally in Python. Python has been utilized in Artificial Intelligence errands. Python is frequently utilized for Natural Language preparing errands. Numerous Linux disseminations use installers written in Python. Python has additionally broad use in Information Security Industry. The Raspberry Pi single-board PC venture has begun utilizing Python as its principle client programming language.

Keywords: Python, PEP, Language, Information.


Background and Objective: Mathematics in the Modern World (MMW) is one of the general education courses in the New General Education Curriculum (NGEC) in higher education institutions in the Philippines. Awareness of students’ experiences and attitude toward this new course is necessary for the improvement of instruction.

Methods and Findings: A total of 109 first year college students were administered with a questionnaire to find out their attitude toward mathematics and a set of open-ended questions regarding their realizations and challenges encountered in MMW class. Results show that students exhibited positive attitude toward Mathematics in the Modern World. Students recognized the importance of mathematics in one’s life and in the society.

Conclusion: Students thrive well in a learning environment that fosters exploration, creativity, collaboration, love and respect. With this, every student will begin to like, do, and love mathematics, then succeed.

Keywords: Mathematics in the Modern World, New General Education Curriculum, Attitude towards Math, Challenges in Math Class.


Today the supply chain has evolved tremendously from a fixed job of a bridge between sales and production functions with a focus on raw material supply to product manufacturing lines and finish goods dispatch to the final consumer to an independent function with a separate hierarchy. The SCM focus has adopted the upgraded planning methods such as integrated S&OP and outsourced logistics. Further, the world has seen continuous wealth shift towards the rural areas over the past few years and the online product purchase is rapidly increasing due to the buyer’s trust in communication transparency and easy much option access. To adapt to these trends SCM requires being faster, granular, and precise.

The Supply chain efficiency can be increased by up-gradation with new technology and eliminating the waste in the process. We studied the step by step SCM 4.0 implementation process to achieve the SCM 4.0 application benefits like global inventory and lead time reduction with the help of digitized material planning, order fulfilment, and forecast accuracy. We have analyzed the key six value SCM 4.0 enablers as improvement levers that will generate a change in capital cost, manufacturing agility, and service are planning, physical flow, performance management, order management, collaboration, and strategy.

Further, We carried a pilot study on SCM 4.0 implementation with current state mapping of value chain identified the wastage like manual data capturing, manual planning based on gut filling, low service levels, and high inventory that can be prevented or eliminated by the effective SCM 4.0 application. Also, We noted that SCM 4.0 deployment face some problems like training needs and skilled talent, senior leadership involvement, change management, and small and medium business needs tailor-made solutions.

Keywords: SCM 4.0, Cloud, Digitization, Digital Waste, Big-Data.


Rice crop is largely harvested in Pakistan each year and produces huge amount of Rice Husk (RH), contaminating the environment following their removal as by-product in Food Industries. The ashes produced during the burning of Rice Husk are known as Rice Husk Ash (RHA). RHA is capable of modifying its natural properties to Pozzolanic properties at high temperatures. This research paper explicitly demonstrates astonishing results of testing concrete mix samples with intervention of RHA as partial substitution of cement in with varying proportion under different curing conditions (Water, Sulphuric acid and Hydrochloric acid) that one may evaluate concrete compressive strength.

Keywords: Concrete, Rice Husk Ash (RHA), Compressive Strength Comparisons, Durability, Curing Conditions.


Abstract: Disease of gallbladder is commonly manifested as gallstone and gallbladder cancer. It is a common and costly clinical condition in the adult population of Pakistan. Gallstone is a disease which is unease serious health for human being, and millions of people are affected throughout the world and in Pakistan recently increasing in quantitative number of gallstone cases in all over Pakistan.

Methodology: The sample was constituted of total 370 patients. 100 cases and 270 controls were selected for this study the patient ratio was 1:2. For the purpose of conducting a case-control study, sample was divided into two groups i.e. one for cases and the other for control. Self-administered questionnaire was used to obtain data from each case and control. To minimize the selection bias the sample was collected through random sampling method.

Findings: In the risk factors included age, female gender, and obesity. the median age in women’s for gallstone disease was 58 years (68.8%) while for male population it was less then female. current statin users were (4.8%) in control and (5.4%)in cases. the former user of statin was  (1.8%) and gallstone disease was (2.3%). This study supported the association between the use of statin and gallstone formation (Erichsen, et al. 2010).The risk of gallstone formation increases with age, change in diet (high calorie food) or use of drugs (lipid lowering agents) being female 87% cases, and being married 78% cases of gallstone were found.

Keywords: BMI, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Smoking, Obesity.


Businesses, more than ever, are faced with rapid change, disruption, and intensified expectations. Your managers, emerging leaders, individual contributors, and leaders, many of whom have no business or financial background, need to fully understand the implications of their business decision-making and how they can directly affect your company’s performance metrics and drive for shareholder value.

Technology advances especially data analysis and artificial intelligence can further play an important role for decision making on financial analytics based on machine learning but final decision would be taken by human being. For that such a training module will help to make rational financial decision.

Further Analyses of impact of financial market anomalies and personality traits on financial decision making, so that financial acumen will improve and new methods of financial acumen will develop for the betterment of the individuals and the society.

This study will analyze how individuals processes financial information in their brain and how & what decisions arise within the brain. So that we will able to develop such a training module based on Artificial Intelligence which will minimizes the impact of biases and improves the decision making of an individual, whether investor or advisor or manager.

Keywords: Financial Acumen, Artificial Intelligence, Psychological Biases, Financial Decision, Natural Language Generation.


As the COVID – 19 spreads far and wide and over each nation of the world. Mankind’s history is watching an exceptionally weird time or a cytokine storm. This is the point at which a disease triggers your safe framework to flood your circulation system incendiary proteins called cytokines. They can murder tissue and harm your organs or a cytokine storm. This is the point at which a disease triggers your insusceptible framework to flood your circulatory system provocative proteins called cytokines. They can execute tissue and harm your organs battling an undetectable adversary the novel COVID-19 Corona infection. Initially it was seen in the Wuhan region of China currently fastly spreading everywhere on over the world. The paper deals that as this pandemic is new and less logical material is accessible on the point. Various paid diaries and organizations are without offering materials distributes about the Corona infection. Here in the short audit we will examine the articles about Corona infection.

Keywords: Corona, Virus, COVID-19, Pandemic, Education.


The never seen virus in past 100 years named Coronavirus (COVID – 19) is growing exponentially in the world. Doctors, Healthcare workers, Police, Cleaners are working day and night in treating the patients of the COVID-19. Scientists, Doctors, and researchers are working on developing of the vaccine of the COVID-19. More than 7 million people are affected with the virus and more than 3 million have died due to this.

Keywords: COVID-19, Coronavirus, Diseases, Economic, School, Children


This paper explores an approach to building an adaptive expert system and machine learning power many technologies today related to online education system to health care system in an environment of human-computer collaboration. Components of an adaptive system are identified, with an emphasis on the mechanisms that enable adaptive behavior to occur. Knowledge representation in a rule-based, object-orientated expert system is described through the establishment of appropriate relationships utilizing heuristic rules, objects, and agents. The experimental expert system with machine learning displays low level learning capabilities that show sufficient promise to warrant further research.

Keywords: Expert System, Machine Learning, Knowledge Representation, Objects, Powered, Human-Computer Collaboration.


We are facing a global crisis- one that is killing people, spreading human suffering and upending people’s lives. But this is more than a health crisis. It is human, economic and social crisis. The only way is to begin strategizing about the actions a country must take now to emerge from the crisis for the better. Social distancing, self-isolation and travel restrictions have lead to a reduced workforce in economic sectors and caused many jobs to be lost. Schools have closed down, and the need for commodities and manufactured products has decreased, need for medical supplies have significantly increased.

Keywords: Strategizing, Economy, Remote Learning, Social Distancing.