The use of bituminous schist is imposed by a significant increase in the price of bituminous binders, simultaneously with the gradual degradation of the road network in Romania, as well as with the increase of motorization and, therefore, the limitation of rehabilitation possibilities due to high costs. By incorporating bituminous schist into the asphalt mixture, a significant reduction in the amount of bitumen conventionally used is achieved, a binder that is currently only imported.

Also, given the progressive increase in demand for asphalt mixtures, and consequently for road bitumen, correlated with the quantitative and qualitative deficit of this essential material in road works, highlighted the importance of use in the preparation of bituminous mixtures of unconventional components, such as bituminous schist.

Considering that the only norm based on which the technological recipes for asphalt mixtures with bituminous sand are made underwent the last modifications in 1985, one of the specific objectives of the doctoral thesis was to update the technical specifications contained in the norm in order to streamline the process. associated with these mixtures and for a better national implementation of these practices. Without this long-awaited review, the use of this unconventional material would become more difficult, although it has both technical, economic and environmental benefits.

This report presents studies performed on experimental and theoretical activities, undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge on the specified materials, respectively the crushing sand used in the preparation of asphalt mixtures, based on observations, tests and interpretation of laboratory results, which, based on some already existing knowledge will lead to a significant improvement of the knowledge of applicability of these materials in a specific field, respectively that of construction materials.

Regarding the studies on bituminous schist, it is proposed to continue the research by preparing different types of technological recipes for asphalt mixtures where the classic sand is replaced with bituminous shale crushing sand and determining the physical-mechanical characteristics by laboratory tests.

Keywords: Bituminous Schist, Asphalt Mixtures, Bitumen.