Background: The health care practitioner face challenges brought by technology. This include introduction of latest technology; it uses and the way to operate certain machines or devices. The nurse can lose their confidence in performing their duty if they are uncertain to some devices. There is no proper flow of work. The nurse must ensure that the patient must understand the effect of technology and its changes in care

Purpose: This study aims to know the lived experiences of nurses in caring patient with the use of latest technology and to know the lived experiences of nurses but aim to present to the patient technology and new devices that have to improve the quality of life for patients and healthcare professionals.

Methods: This study will use van Manen’s hermeneutic phenomenological approach to generate and analyze data to describe the experience of five nurses in relation to caring the patient. Van Manen’s approach is useful in having knowledge in a reflective situation and promote skill in certain relationship and situations that applied in nursing practice

Results: Technologies have been increasingly used to save and sustain human lives. Significance to knowing the person – a continuous process in which the nurse and the nursed four thematic categories structured the meaning of the experience: Technology in health, technology in caring, technological competency in caring and technological knowing formed thematic categories.

Conclusion: Technological competency as caring in nursing is the harmonious coexistence between technologies and caring in nursing. The illumination of nurses in caring with the use of technological competency is important in harmonization of concepts that places the practice of nursing within the context of modern healthcare and acknowledges that these concepts can co-exist. Understanding the nurses’ experiences in rendering the best care to the patient with the use of latest technology.

Keywords: Technology, Health, Caring, Nurse, Competency.