Abstract: Disease of gallbladder is commonly manifested as gallstone and gallbladder cancer. It is a common and costly clinical condition in the adult population of Pakistan. Gallstone is a disease which is unease serious health for human being, and millions of people are affected throughout the world and in Pakistan recently increasing in quantitative number of gallstone cases in all over Pakistan.

Methodology: The sample was constituted of total 370 patients. 100 cases and 270 controls were selected for this study the patient ratio was 1:2. For the purpose of conducting a case-control study, sample was divided into two groups i.e. one for cases and the other for control. Self-administered questionnaire was used to obtain data from each case and control. To minimize the selection bias the sample was collected through random sampling method.

Findings: In the risk factors included age, female gender, and obesity. the median age in women’s for gallstone disease was 58 years (68.8%) while for male population it was less then female. current statin users were (4.8%) in control and (5.4%)in cases. the former user of statin was  (1.8%) and gallstone disease was (2.3%). This study supported the association between the use of statin and gallstone formation (Erichsen, et al. 2010).The risk of gallstone formation increases with age, change in diet (high calorie food) or use of drugs (lipid lowering agents) being female 87% cases, and being married 78% cases of gallstone were found.

Keywords: BMI, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Smoking, Obesity.